Creations Sew Clever

  The history of the house that holds a quilt shop now, goes back to around 1863 when the house was built. In was built in the
old Greek Revival style by probaby John Cook, one of Chillicothe's more well know architechs, as he did a few of the building on
Paint Street. The first know occupants were Mr. William B. Mills and his family. Eventually, the home came into the hands of
Clarence C. Root and it became a memorial home (funeral) which was operated in the downstairs and the family lived upstairs.
For a time it was called Root-Heiby Memorial Home and then the torched was passed to John H. Heiby in 1957, who continued to operate the Heiby Memorial Home. Mr. Heiby eventually to sold the business and property to Benny Haller, in 1971 where the home continued to be a funeral home. It wasn't until Hallers moved out onto Western Ave. that the house on Paint St. was no longer a funeral home. 
      It is now where the business of a quilt shop where patrons enjoy quilting lessons, buying supplies and quilting away projects. Creations SewClever was featured on the 2014 History and Mystery Tour presented by the League of Women Voters. It is said that a woman in red has been seen on the stairs. Some of the employees have felt presences, seen shadows, objects have been moved and an attic door opens by itself. C.O.P.E.S. had the good fortune to take the tour 2 years ago and this was one of our favorte buildings to
tour. The unseen resident did open the attic door when we had our backs turned listening to our speaker give the history. We believe there is much residual activity in this building, why wouldn't there be with as many souls that have passed through this building and linger here as if they don't know they have passed. Our sensitive had an overwhelming sadness come over her as we toured the back
of the building, which incidently was where the embalming was done.
       This is an awsome home/business to visit. Haunted? Maybe. Frightening? No we don't think so. We have not done an investigation here, but have felt the energy there. The employees are lovely and enjoy talking about their unseen residents. Maybe I should take up quilting?
By Christine Boldoser Lallier 

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