Grandview Cemetery
CHRISTINE BOLDOSER LALLIER ,   Christy Knight-Koenigseder

MONDAY, MAY 9, 2016


Paranormal investigating and cemeteries… put those two together and you think of walking around a shadowy and eerie cemetery looking for supernatural activity. A cemetery is where we lay our departed to rest, so why would there not be spirits?
Grandview Cemetery, established around 1841, is located in Chillicothe, Ohio. The cemetery views the basins of both the Scioto River and Paint Creek while commanding a sweeping outlook of Chillicothe. In December 1978, the National Register of Historic Places added Grandview Cemetery. Amongst the 90+ acres that forms Grandview Cemetery, interment of a number of notable Ohioan politicians exists as well as numerous individuals that helped shape Chillicothe. Oh, the stories they would tell if they could!
Many consider the cemetery to be haunted, a plus for the paranormal enthusiast. Feelings of observation by something or someone unseen, ghostly apparitions, peculiar hazes along with mysterious sounds and voices have all been described.
 Unfortunately, these days you do not find many cemeteries that are open after dark and as a paranormal group, we obey the law so we did not go up there after closing to get evidence, we did not need to.
Respectfully, we roamed the historic part of the cemetery near sunset. Some noted impressions of following and scrutiny by the unseen, some captured EMF spikes in addition to EVP’s of whispers, growls, breathing, and the occasional spoken name, such as
“Elaine” and “Mary.”
Even though you may not have ancestors buried here, it is a beautiful place to saunter around while appreciating the splendid surroundings or reflecting on personal thoughts. If you are fortunate, maybe you will catch a hint of an uneasy spirit here or there.

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