1. 1T 8CH DVR System
    The DVR system is arranged to record using several IR cameras at once, and is placed for monitoring at base camp. Our system offers the availability to use 1 to 8 cameras at a time, depending on the need.
  2. IR/ Full Spectrum HD Video cameras
    The use of video cameras allows for recording in full spectrum and infer-red (IR) with HD quality.
  3. Digital Recorders
    The uses of Digital recorders are to attempt to pick up paranormal sounds such as an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) or disembodied voice.
  4. Portable radios
    The uses of portable radios are to communicate with each team and the command center during investigations.
  5. Flashlights
    During investigations, everyone on the team carries a flashlight, since we work predominately in the dark their use is a preventative measure for safety concerns.
  6. Laser Grid
    Laser Grids can be set up next to a video camera while projecting the grid forward. The grid consists of multiple little lasers that if something walks in front of the grid it looks like the lasers are moving.
  7. BooBuddy EMF trigger bear
    BooBuddy is a talking bear trigger object. It not only can detect EMF energy by reacting with lights in its paws, it can detect motion and temperature. When placed in a quiet environment it will ask EVP questions on its own in a friendly voice.
  8. MEL meter
  9. K2 meter
    The use of a K-2 meter is to measure an EMF (electromagnetic field).
  10. IR-822
    The uses of these are to detect temperature readings and fluctuations of items and locations, even from across the room.
  11. P-SB11
  12. PSB7 Spirit box
  13. Nikon Coolpix s3300
    This digital camera has been professionally modified to be full spectrum, allowing us sight deep into the normally unseen spectrum of light, and offers high quality photos along with video and audio capture capabilities.
  14. Dual IR & Full Spectrum Light
    These lights help our cameras to record in the dark by illuminating the room with IR/Full spectrum lights. Cameras detect these lights which cannot be seen by the naked eye.
  15. Full Spectrum POV
    This modified full spectrum 1080p HD camcorder takes our full spectrum video to a completely new level. It has been professionally modified with UV and IR sensitivity to view the full spectrum of light, including light not seen by the human eye.
  16. Ghost Meter